• Published: Sep 20th, 2013
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Edinburgh Nights – Friday 20th September

Time for another hour of the events, music, shows, and everything else from Scotland’s capital city that will keep you entertained, amazed, and excited, over the weekend.

Edinburgh Nights – Friday 20th September

Junior Simpson (www.juniorsimpson.com)
The Stand Comedy Club

Stuart Davis (www.stuartdavis.com)
Not playing at Bannermans on Saturday

Thom Dibden (All Edinburgh Theatre)
The weekend theatrical preview

Plus music from across the Capital, and another round of 20 Questions Wrong, with Junior Simpson going for the incorrect guesses.

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  • Published: Sep 20th, 2013
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Twenty Questions Wrong, with Junior Simpson

Going in to this week’s edition of ‘Twenty Questions Wrong‘, Junior Simpson is guaranteed at least third place in the high score table… as it’s the third week.

Two and a half minutes on the clock, twenty wrong answers to find, and the ‘right answer klaxon’ to avoid. Can Simpson overhaul our leader Leah Bonnema and her 55 points?

Twenty Questions Wrong
…with Junior Simpson

Twenty Questions Wrong is part of the weekly Edinburgh Nights chat show, and is made available as a standalone podcast for quiz fans and those looking for a shorter show to listen to. You can follow 20QW through its own RSS Feed, or subscribe to 20QW in iTunes.

  • Published: Sep 20th, 2013
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Coming up on this week’s show…

We’re still putting the finishing touches to our running order, but here’s an idea on what to expect from ‘Edinburgh Nights‘ this week.

  • The cast and crew from The Collection, playing this weekend at The Traverse, pop in to tell us about Mike Cullen’s new play.
  • Junior Simpson will be telling us about his two nights at The Stand, and Saturday night’s ‘Stand-Up for International Peace‘ event.
  • And assuming his flight from Amsterdam isn’t delayed, Stuart Davis will talk about his music ahead of his headline performance this Saturday at Bannermans.

And we’ll have our regular musical playlist from the bands playing Edinburgh this weekend, Tom Dibden from All Edinburgh Theatre takes us round the theatrical shows in the Capital, and another exciting game of ‘Twenty Questions Wrong‘.

Join your host Ewan Spence for ‘Edinburgh Nights’, live at 3pm this Friday 20th September on 98.8 Castle FM, listen live on the Castle FM 1 webstream (www.castlefmscotland.com), or head to the Edinburgh Nights homepage (edinburghnights.thepodcastcorner.com) to download the podcast after the show and listen again.

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