• Published: Jun 20th, 2014
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Edinburgh Nights – Friday 20 June

It’s the Edinburgh International Film Festival this week, so it’s 100% silver screen guests as Ewan Spence welcomes Noel Clarke (The Anomaly) into the studio, along with Deputy Artistic Director Diane Henderson, Alec Newman (Greyhawk), and Alexandre Philippe (Doc of the Dead).

Edinburgh Nights – Friday 20 June

Diane Henderson
Deputy Artistic Director
Edinburgh International Film Festival

Noel Clarke
The Anomaly
We Are Monster

Alec Newman

Alexandre Philippe
Doc of the Dead

Hosted by Ewan Spence (ewanspence.com), a little bit of music from Gruff Rhys (Set Fire to the Stars), and Noel Clarke enters our celebrity quiz where we ask people to get 20 Questions Wrong.

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  • Published: Jun 20th, 2014
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Twenty Questions Wrong, with Noel Clarke

Actor and Director Noel Clarke takes a break from the screenings of The Anomaly at the Edinburgh Film Festival to play in this week’s 20 Questions Wrong… the celebrity quiz from Edinburgh Nights on Shore Radio.

Twenty Questions Wrong
Noel Clarke
The Anomlay

Twenty Questions Wrong is part of the weekly Edinburgh Nights chat show, and is made available as a standalone podcast for quiz fans and those looking for a shorter show to listen to. You can follow 20QW through its own RSS Feed, or subscribe to 20QW in iTunes.

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