• Published: Aug 26th, 2015
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Edinburgh Fringe Show #19 – Wednesday 26th August

It was raining this morning. Really heavily, like it was Saturday night at the Edinburgh Fringe. But it wasn’t… it was Wednesday morning, so by the time we all woke up for another day in the Arts capital of the world… it was sunny again.

Right, to the studio!

Edinburgh Fringe Show #19 – Wednesday 26th August
with Ewan Spence and Nick Awde, featuring…

Rich Batsford
Classically Chilled Piano
The Space at Surgeons Hall

Ross Ericson
The Unknown Soldier

Chris Davis
Bortle 8 (The Counting House)
Violence of the Lambs (The Free Sisters)

Clare Plested
The Essential Collection
Ciao Roma

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With music from Gone Native.

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